Thursday, February 4, 2010

Craft Bar

If one were to describe me, only one word would suffice. That word is homebody. Now, it is hard to believe that someone who writes about going out and eating despises to do that. However, I don't dislike eating out, I just don't like the whole process of going out. I hate finishing my dinner and having to sit there, and then I hate having to go home afterwards. Therefore, when about one week ago my grandmother invited me out to dinner, I was reluctant. At first I hesitated, but for my own social sake, I accepted. After all, it is not healthy for a thirteen year old to sit around and watch Lost for three hours straight. We decided upon Craft Bar, located on 19th street. We left fairly early, and ordered as quickly as possible, as a new episode of Lost was airing soon and I needed to catch up. We ordered sausage, fried oysters, anchovy buschetta and salad to start off with. The bruschetta was godly, as was the salad and sausage. While I am a huge lover of oyster, this oyster just felt off to me. It tasted just a bit too fishy. However, my entree made up for that. The seared steak tasted divine, and it simply melted in my mouth. However, it was not nearly as good as my dessert. Trust me, you have not lived until you have had a chocolates-sauce drenched brownie with banana ice cream and whipped cream. While some parts of the meal were better than others, this dinner made me want to leave my humble abode more and more, which does say a lot. I give Craft Bar a 8.6/10.