Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Waverly Diner

Recently, I have been trying to go to less expensive restaurants in the hope of making my blog more kid-friendly, and enjoying the process more. I think that when you go to expensive restaurants, it puts a damper on the blog because technically, I should not even be going to those restaurants. Therefore, when my dad got two tickets for him and I to see the Thornton Wilder play, Our Town, I wanted to pick a cheap place for us to eat in before the play started. I had been looking forward to eating a burger all week. I had been promised one in hopes of breaking out of the restraining (times 100) diet of my mother. We chose The Waverly Diner because it was very near the theater, and it was known to be very quick. However, I had only been there for breakfast, and after waiting 45 minutes for the burger we were becoming increasingly worried. I thought that the service was extremely inattentive, and they did not make an effort to change, when requested. The decor was extremely interesting, because it was one of the gems of New York's olden day's, where everyone had big fros, and wore tight spandex that were constricting to the extremities of the body.. That time was otherwise known as the 70's. The diner seemed like an oasis in the desert to people who were not part of that dainty movement. After an extremely long wait, I had to wolf down my bacon cheeseburger which was very bland, and not unique from any other burger that I had eaten in the past. However, the night was very interesting, and I had a lot of fun. The burger was definitely not the crown jewel of the evening. I give the Waverly diner a 4.6/10.