Friday, April 11, 2008

Sparks Steakhouse

As I entered Sparks Steakhouse from the chilly New York sidewalk , I instantly noticed how loud the steakhouse was. Not that it surprised me. My host that evening, my friend, Adam Mimeles had already warned me of the dangerous chemical reaction that happens inside the steakhouse. This is the equation: Rowdy Businessmen+Beer+One of the Best Steaks in Town=A Noise That Resembles a walk off Home Run at Yankee Stadium. As I said, I was not surprised. As the professional waiters escorted us to our table, I realized we were located right next to a table of a dozen drunk businessmen just off from work. Now this just keeps getting better and better. Our steaks arrived on a piece of old china, which really made me think of the decor. This steakhouse was one of the last classic steakhouses in all of New York City, complete with wood paneling and chandeliers. However, I was surprised when the steak arrived just flat on its plate. It seemed as if the kitchen made no effort whatsoever to make the dish even look vaguely nice. That stunned me for a few seconds, because I was expecting one of New York's favorite steakhouses to put a little more effort into the dish. However, all was forgiven as the steak was exquisitely cooked. It was juicy but crispy at the same time. It was the best steak to ever enter my mouth. Then came the sides. Mushroom caps that were sauteed in oil, or may I say drowned. However, they were delicious and almost all of them were eaten. As I looked over from time to time to my host, I could see that he was enjoying his enormous steak almost as much as I. Our favorite side however, were the hash browns. We both had to fight to see who got the delicious crunchy part. Then came the dessert. Adam ordered the classic New York cheesecake, while I ordered the mango sorbet. However, the generous portions proved too much for us and we sadly gave up our desserts to our waiter. The check came and I estimated that the price tag was around $70 per person, which was a deal compared to the amazing meal we had just witnessed. As I exited the restaurant, I realized I had won one thing and lost one thing. I had won one of the best meals I have had in at least three years and I have lost partial hearing in both of my eardrums. I give Sparks Steakhouse a 9.4/10.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Located right in the center of Chelsea, BRGR will give you some of the best burgers in town.  When you walk in to the joint, you would probably be expecting some sort of McDonald's type of ambiance.  Instead, you are wowed by the raw space, but at the same time, impressed by the pop art that covers the rest of the restaurant.  You order with the helpful but not exceptional staff, then sit down at the table of your choice.  You barely have to wait 10 minutes before the food is brought to your table by the staff.  I think I speak for all when I say that everyone just smells the burger for at least 20 seconds before opening your jaw agape to devour the delicious burger.  I highly recommend ordering the double patty burger because it gives you even more of their delicious meat to eat.  The bill is not expensive at all and what makes you feel even better about the meal is that all the beef and bacon is grass fed and that all of their lettuce and tomatoes and mushrooms were all grown on an organic farm.  I give this excellent burger joint a 9/10.