Monday, December 22, 2008


After getting pulled over by the Santa Fe police, and getting issued a written warning, my grandmother, along with the entire family was looking forward to arriving at the restaurant. We drove around for three more miles, until we finally saw the Auberge De Soleil that housed the restaurant in which we hoped to find gastronomical heaven. While it might not have exceeded our expectations, Terra, was modern-looking, fresh, and very expensive. However, for a very good deal, I was able to get the thirty-three dollar prix fixe, which included an appetizer, an entree, and best of all a dessert. For my appetizer, I ordered the squid risotto, and while it was extremely rich, it was also very tasty and well-presented. My parents got salads, that were also very good, as they described them to me. For the entree, my grandmother and I ordered the same exact thing. The grilled swordfish arrived with spinach along with the sous-chef. He told us about his future in the cooking business, and how he hoped to do an internship at Daniel, located on 65th street in NYC. He was very nice and it provided a very interesting look into the cooking scene in Santa Fe. New Mexico. Our entrees were very moist, but the spinach took around twelve minutes to chew just one piece. However, the entrees provided what was asked of them. Then came the desserts. My apple donuts came with a delicious burnt caramel sauce. However, they were not even apple donuts, the were more like fried apples. Everything was very good at this meal, including the service. I also enjoyed the space, for it was very beautiful. Also the manager was one of the best managers that I have ever met for many different reasons. He was welcoming, he was nice, and he just made the meal much better. I give Terra a 7.9/10.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blaue Gans

After the long taxi ride, and the even longer lecture at the museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park, I was salivating for any kind of meal, even T.G.I Friday's. So when we entered the funky, hip Austrian restaurant called Blaue Gans I was discretely excited. On my first attempt to order a drink, I chose a Shirley temple. The answer was negatory. After all, where did I think I was, some American restaurant? I ended up ordering a boysenberry smoothie, even though it was the waiter who suggested it and I had no idea what a boysenberry was. However, when it came, along with my oysters that I would share with my uncle, I was very surprised. The smoothie was a sweet contrast to the more sour oysters. However, they had an exceptional freshness to them that I had tasted in few other places. Once they took it away, and I finished the smoothie, my entree arrived. It was a jager schnitzel, which translated into English is fried veal. It was surrounded by spaetzel in a wonderful cream sauce. It was delicious, but unbelievably rich and heavy. After I polished off the plate, I ordered dessert. It was an apple pie, with an Austrian twist on it. However, after my six carb meal, I was not allowed to finish it, so we took it home. I really enjoyed Blaue Gans, and it was a really interesting place to eat at. However, the decor gave me a bit of a headache, and I could not understand what the waiter said. Overall, I give Blaue Gans a 7.8/10.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sushi Yasuda

The rain splattered all over the taxi. As I looked up at the massive black office building with apprehensive excitement, I began to picture the meal that was going to commence in less than an hour. Sushi Yasuda. Nobody that I had ever told it about knew what it was. Except for one man. Jeffrey Stein was an extremely nice man, and he was best friends with the president of the Florida Marlins. I had heard many things about Sushi Yasuda, which was, located right in Midtown near Grand Central Station. After entering his office on the 37th floor of the building that I had just been staring at. After meeting all of his office co-workers, we began the wet march to the restaurant. After walking three miserable, Shawshank Redemption rain-scene reminding blocks, we entered the fresh and healthy restaurant named Sushi Yasuda. Sushi Yasuda was a refreshing look at a traditional sushi restaurant. It had a very simple décor, it was completely wood-paneled, and it just made for a very comfortable and relaxing meal. For our starters, Jeff ordered a seaweed salad, while I ordered a miso soup that came with mushrooms in it. The soup was very warm, and the seaweed salad took your taste buds on a roller coaster. Then we ordered the Omasake, or literally translated, the chef’s choice. We also ordered around twelve pieces of sushi, and some sashimi. We devoured the Omasake, which included tuna, salmon, yellowtail, anchovy, scallop, and Giant Conch sashimi. We also ordered salmon, tuna, conch, scallop, yellowtail, fluke, and roe sushi. It was very simple, but it was also delicious. The sushi, just like the décor was very simple, but very delicious. For desert we ordered mochi ice cream, and it tasted just like a pastry. After Jeff drove me home, we bid adieu, and he drove off into the rain. It was a very nice meal, and I enjoyed it very much. I give Sushi Yasuda a 8.6/10.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Recently a twelve year old got a full page article about him in in the New York Times. His name is David Fishman, and he is now my friend on Facebook. He doesn't even have a blog. However, I have recently learned that I was about to be featured in Food and Wine magazine. However, after the NYT article, it just would not make sense to publish another thing about another twelve year old food critic. That stuff does not bother me however, because I know that all of my supporters are there for me for whatever, or whenever. I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has supported me in making this blog, from all of my friends and family who have taken me out to amazing restaurants, and to my friend Josh for being a great help. I also wanted to thank my assistant Max. Without him, I would have no best friend, and no one to take me to Daniel. And last but certainly not least I want to thank my mom and my dad, even though my mom is a little bit too obsessive, and over-possesive. In other news, three restaurant reviews are coming up, Lattanzi, Blaue Gaus, and finally after many efforts Sushi Yasuda. Thanks, and the posts will be written soon.

My New Burger Contest

I am planning to do a burger contest, in which I go to five restaurants that serve great burgers and choose the best one in five categories; best milkshake, best fries, best decor, best service, and most importantly, best burger.
The restaurants are as follows:
2. BLT Burger
3. Spotted Pig
4. Shake Shack
5. GoodBurger