Thursday, June 19, 2008


My friend Max has a great taste for food.  So when we decided to go to Tomoe, one of the best sushi places in town, I could understand why he wanted to eat there.  However, when we arrived, the was a twenty minute wait.  So Max and I ran to the nearby Italian restaurant, Lupa.  It was going to be my second time eating at Lupa, so I knew what to expect.  After we were seated, they brought us the menu, which had a full glossary of all the Italian words that I did not understand.  When the waitress arrived, we chatted her up a bit, her name was Courtney, she had worked there for a year, and she had never met Mario Batali.  She brought us our appetizers in a fairly quick time, which were Prosciutto and octupus.  They were both delicious, and the Prosciutto tasted like it had just arrived on the plane from Italia.  After that our entrees arrived, which for me was ear-shaped pasta with pork sausage, escarole, and a butter sauce.  My mother ordered fresh fish that came from the market that she said was delicious.  Max got Gnocchi, with some sort of red sauce that was a little spicy.  Lupa is a great restaurant, and The service is wonderful, the decor is beautiful, and the food is lipsmackingly delicious.  I give Lupa a 8.6/10.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The New List Of Restaurants That I Want To Go To

1. Daniel
2. Union Square Cafe
3. Gramercy Tavern
4. Masa
5. Per Se
6. Le Bernadin
7. Sushi Yasuda
8. db Bistro Moderne
9. Pearl Oyster Bar
10. Jean Georges
11. Gotham Bar And Grill
12. Saul
13. Gordan Ramsay
14. Blue Water Grill
15. The Modern
16. Nobu
17. Le Cirque
18. Milos Estario
19. Del Posto
20. Viand
22. La Grenouille
23. Telepan
24. Picholine
25. Chanterelle

Curraschia Plataforma

Most of the time when my grandparents come to town, I go out to dinner with them.  Sometimes it's at very upscale restaurants, other times more casual.  When my grandparents from Belgium arrived they took us to Plataforma, which is a Brazilian restaurant, where waiters bring out long sticks with every kind of meat on it that you can imagine.  We took my friend Max there with us which was a blast because he can speak in Portuguese, so he was able to chat with them which made us all crack up.  There was a salad bar, which had sushi, salad, mushrooms, shrimp and much more.  I took advantage of the Salad bar because, unlike my brother, I am not a huge Carnivore.  When the meat finally arrived, I munched on Sirloin, flank and strip steak, along with chicken, ribs and sausage.  I was not as adventurous as Owen or Max in terms of eating meat, but I definitely enjoyed the salad bar more than them.  After my delicious strawberry shortcake dessert, I went outside with my brother and Max.  Then came the climax of the meal.  Max nudged an enormous light fixture, which weighed possibly 1 ton, and it fell, almost crushing my brother on it's path to the ground.  We quickly grabbed our bags and ran, before the restaurant could sue us.  Plataforma was a great restaurant, and I really enjoyed the meal other than the incident at the end.  Maybe their sushi could have been a little bit fresher. I give Churaschia Plataforma a 8.7/10.