Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rino Ceronte

While some people believe that everything is better with bacon or butter, I personally believe that everything is better with garlic or mayonnaise. Therefore, when I noticed that the new sandwich shop, Rino Ceronte offered garlic and mayo mixed together as a sauce, I knew that I had to try it. Rino Ceronte is located right between NYU and LREI where I attend school. There are a lot of snack shops as well as smoke shops, so large variety of people shop there. It’s a great place to open a store because there are many hungry children released from school every day. The way that Rino Ceronte works is that you first pick your bread, white or whole wheat. Then you choose your protein; steak, chicken, mushrooms, shrimp or goat cheese. Then you choose from all of the sauces, of which I obviously chose the garlic mayo. After, you choose from a number of sides. Some of the sides include onions, olives, potatoes, cheese, pickles, jalapenos, and romaine lettuce. Some of the sauces that they offer include: mustard vinaigrette, lemon and olive oil, basil pesto and chili mayo. My main complaint about Rino Ceronte, of which I do not have many, is that they do not offer enough sides. My father’s only complaint was that the stools were too hard, and that there was not enough leg room. Some people can be a little picky. My usual choice for my sandwiches is chicken on wheat bread with garlic mayo, black olives, and Swiss cheese. While the sandwich can be a little too juicy, the flavors are very intense, and robust. I really love the food at Rino Ceronte because it is fresh, and tasty. I would recommend it for people who have about five to ten minutes to get their snacks, since it takes a little while. I love Rino Ceronte, and I give it an 8.3/10. Oh, and everything does happen to taste better with garlic mayonnaise.