Monday, January 11, 2010

Do Hwa/Oriole 9/Co.

Among the last three blog-worthy restaurants that I have eaten at, two have been in the city, and one has been in Woodstock. Some may argue that New York City has the best food in the country, while others say that country food has the most substance. I partially agree with both of those statements. Sure, New York has the best chefs, the most comforting food, and diners with the most advanced palettes. However, if you are looking for larger portions and a more comfortable setting, to the land of trees we go. I would like to compare the two city restaurant, Do Hwa and Co. to the country restaurant, Oriole 9.

Do Hwa is like Benihana, except much less tacky, and much, much better. However, it is also much more expensive. One of the perks of this feisty Korean joint is the opportunity to cook your own meat and vegetables. I marvel at the excitement and eagerness that I have when I hear that the meal will be interactive, even though I am given the option of cooking every night at home, given that I have finished my homework. While the meal is fresh and tasty, there is not much to say about the restaurant, as they were not doing the cooking. However, from previous experience, I can say that their salads and sides are pretty excellent.

Co. is as one passerby said; "very yuppie." While I don't know exactly what that means, I do know that the food was excellent. Co., is an Italian restaurant featuring basically only Pizza. While the food was great, I would have liked it if there was more to offer on the menu. I also greatly disliked the scene of the restaurant. It was super loud, people were getting hammered, and there were no kids sharing my plight. So, while I was allured by the food, I was turned away by the ambiance.

Oriole 9 is famous for its breakfast. With eggs, bacon, toast, sausage and pancakes, there is nothing you would not expect from a diner in New York. However, they also do more upscale dishes, like the Filet Mignon with truffled eggs and potatoes. I decided to try that. After having the most tender, juicy and well-prepared steak I had ever enjoyed, I felt that I had reached a state of inner nirvana only found when playing video games for ten hours. It was that good.

Overall, I must disappoint everyone, and call it as it was, a tie. New York is more lively and eating out is a better experience in my opinion. However, I truly believe that the quality of rural food is dominant. I recommend eating at all these places as they are excellent establishments.


PhotoBubby said...

A GREAT idea carried out beautifully, Julian. To review these 3 restaurants together and make a comparison between country and city cooking is brilliant. I think you have a real future as a writer and I'm one grandmother who plans to keep reading everything you write!
Love, Bubby

Grampy said...

Julian, I really do not think that Woodstock is country!!! Oriole 9 is certainly more cosmopolitan (and expensive!!) than any diner I have been to in NYC. I never liked Oriole 9 until I discovered its oatmeal. Delicious--but not as good as Bread Alone. I think I will pass on steak and truffles.

Your writing is so descriptive. Next time you are in San Antonio, I hope you will review more restaurants than IHOP. The oatmeal there is terrible!!

Love, Grampy

Michael said...

I am a city person especially when it comes t restaurants. I did eat at Oriole 9 and actually liked it a lot...especially the laid back country feel. Great job comparing the country versus city restaurants. I like that angle!

Jeff Della Penna said...
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Jeff Della Penna said...

Wow Juju..great blog.
Love your insight and dig where you're coming from. Keeping it real! Nice job. Next time I'm in New York, I'll check out some of your suggestions. Keep up the great work. I agree with PhotoBubby - - I think you're on to something.

Jeff Della Penna, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Malka Drucker said...

You leave me hungry, Julian, with your juicy descriptions. Great comparisons. I agree with Grampy that Oriole 9 isn't exactly country food.

Anonymous said...

Inner nirva-you must take me to Oriole 9 to share the experience. You ability to decribe your eating experiences continues to amaze me. Keep upthe good work.

Love, Poppy

Nina said...

One thing led to another and I found your posting on Oriole9. My name is Nina and my husband Luc and I own the restaurant( sorry Grampy ) I'm so glad you enjoyed your meal there! I was born in Woodstock and my parents owned 3 restaurants there while I was growing up. I was very lucky to be exposed to great food as a child just as you are. It's great that you're writing and keeping a blog of your experiences, when you get older you'll have a lot under your belt! Please come visit our new place called Yum Yum noodle bar next time you're in Woodstock and have dinner on me!