Saturday, March 6, 2010

Caracas Arepa Bar

For me, a normal Friday night consists of hanging out with friends or playing video games. However, a special guest had come to town, so I was forced to leave my comfort zone. Crystal Germond was my camp counselor from when I was 5 to when I was 9. Even though it was a against camp rules, she was biased, and I was her favorite camper. She was also my favorite babysitter. Anyway, five years later, Crystal and her musician friend Kaitlin had come to town on their so-called "food pilgrimage." My mother suggested that I take them to the hip part of town, St. Mark's Place. After walking around for a considerable amount of time, we stumbled upon the Caracas Arepa Bar. This small restaurant was jam packed with people, but we managed to score a window table. The menu was loaded with tons of amazing items, such as empanadas, arepas and salads. However, you probably don't know what an arepa is. Don't worry, I didn't either. It is almost like a sandwich or a taco. It's basic definition is a floury piece of dough wrapped around whatever you order in it. We had shredded beef, plantains, chicken, beans, cheese and avocado. Even though the restaurant was tiny, somehow we didn't feel cramped. One of the perks of the meal was that a reporter from the New York Post came up to us and interviewed us. Check the Wednesday edition for our interview! Anyway, this meal was simply fantastic and it could not have been any better. I give Caracas Arepa Bar a 9.1/10.


Grampy said...

Julian, your review is very tantalizing-even for me. As usual, you description is vivid.

Send me a copy of the interview.

Love, Grampy

The Esthete said...

"Could not hbe been any better" is right! This meal both set the tone for our trip and was the highlight of it, particularly because you were such delightful company! Can't wait until you take the blog on the road...I'll be waiting in Boston!

aka Best Counselor/Baby Sitter Ever

PhotoBubby said...

Your blog makes me want to go to St. Mark's Place and just cruise for a good place to eat. Will you take me? Looks as if you found them, both for dinner and dessert. Thanks for the info written in your usual amusing style.
Love, Bubby

Michael said...

Send out the interview!! Please.